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Texas Wines is a marketing entity managed by the Texas Department of Agriculture. The goal of the group is to promote the 400+ wineries/ vineyards and tasting rooms across the state of Texas. 

Assignment: We began the assignment with an assessment of the category including the target consumer. We identified the core target as a Texas wine enthusiast and agritourist and developed a multi-year plan to promote Texas Wines. Our campaign kicked-off with October Wine Month 2017 and will continue for the next 3 years. Some of the campaign elements include: tagline development “Uncork Texas Wines”, media target assessment, digital media plan, creative assets including a poster, a directory, a website and all digital creative.


UNT Dallas is the only four year public university in the City of Dallas. The university offers graduate and undergraduate programs across business, education, criminal justice and public leadership. 

Assignment: Our scope was develop a recruitment campaign that would connect with Latino and African-American students for Fall enrollment periods. First with 2017 and recently with 2018. The campaign consisted of developing social creative, digital ads, digital audio/radio and cinema, and billboard ads. We prioritized content, connection points and worked with client to develop call to action “Blaze Your Trail”. In addition, we placed digital media including Search Engine Marketing, Display/Mobile ads and boosted posts on social media. The 2017 campaign exceeded enrollment goals by 17%.

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 The Texas Department of Agriculture has one of the largest scopes of any state agency. Beyond its role in promoting agriculture globally, it also oversees school meals affecting five million children who attend public schools in Texas. As part of their program they develop farm to table educational materials for elementary school children throughout Texas. The program also seeks to raise overall awareness of the importance of agriculture in our local economies.

Assignment: Develop a series of videos to promote the agency’s farm-to-school initiatives and build awareness of the importance of the program across the state.

Snappy Salads is a fast casual chain of 18 restaurants and growing. Their mission is to provide high quality salads in a place with a cool vibe. The company also has a strong focus on reducing their carbon footprint and leaving the Earth better than they found it. 

Assignment: Develop strategy, determine execution ideas to connect with customer base, assist client with expansion plans inclusive of in-store and media elements.


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